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Contractor Starter Websites – A Professional Look With Lower Startup Costs

Contractor Starter Websites – A Professional Look With Lower Startup Costs

So what  exactly is a contractor starter website? 

Sometimes we get a client that just wants a basic website that looks professional, is optimized for Google and other search engines and looks good on phones because that is how people today shop for services.  For those clients we have what we call our contractor starter websites, they are not custom designed which is where the cost savings are achieved.

You pick from one of 5 layouts, give us your logo, some pictures, any information you want to put on it, tell us what your main services are and the location that you primarily serve.  We do all the tech work, optimize the website and take it live.  It really is that easy because we are keeping it simple on purpose.

Who are these starter websites best for?
– A brand new contractor.
– A contractor that is small and just wants an online brochure to show their work without getting into a custom designed website.
– A contractor that wants a website but is concerned with staying budget conscious.
– A contractor that is not going to be doing significant digital marketing or advertising.  In this case we recommend custom design.

Here is an example of a starter website we just put online:

It’s simple, clean, mobile phone friendly, highlights their primary services and service areas, has examples of work completed and a way for a potential customer to request a quote.

Starter website generally range from $900 – $1500 which is a significant savings from a custom design.  Just to give you a comparison, custom designed website range from $3200 – $6000 on average.  Depending on the goals of the organization and website they can go much higher.  But again, in the case of higher costs, it is associated with specific goals or needs that were defined and require significantly more work to achieve.

For more information on our starter websites please request a quote here on the website or call us directly at 570-794-5089.